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For DeKalb, Noble, Steuben, and Lagrange Counties, St. Martin’s Healthcare clinic has been and will continue to be a crucial part in breaking the dental infection cycle for many uninsured residents. Dental services at St. Martin’s provide dental panoramic, bitewing and periapical X-rays to determine the exact cause of the patient’s discomfort which are referenced during dental treatment.

St. Martin's Health Care is happy to serve you by offering quality care through the dental services listed below:

Dental Pain Management
Dental Screenings
Dental X-Rays

Oral Health Education
Emergent Dental Needs



Please Note:

We also offer our patients dental screenings, exams and extractions. Once the emergent dental needs are taken care of, a dental patient at St. Martin’s is provided with any needed fillings and dental cleaning. Volunteer dentists and hygienists in addition to dental staff provide restorative and preventative care. Our dental hygiene program provides our patients with an infection-free, healthy, firm foundation which they can maintain with proper oral hygiene and routine dental exams, cleanings and education.

We Do Not Provide Services For The Following:

Currently Unavailable

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