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St. Martin’s partners with their patients in helping them to take charge of their health. Our lab equipment allows us to monitor closely our patient’s kidney function, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid screening, hemoglobin and A1C hemoglobin. It is very helpful to be able to do these tests at the clinic because our practitioners can adjust the patient’s treatment plan immediately and explain results to our patients right away so they are able to better understand their treatment and medications.

St. Martin's Health Care
is happy to serve you by offering quality care through the medical services listed below:

Mental Health Counseling focuses on using preventative measures and corrective measures to impact a person's life. That is to say, keeping the wires of the mind from crossing in the first place and trying to untangle them if they do. Based on patient needs, we have incorporated mental health counseling as a signature service at our clinic.

Abusive Relationships

Stress Management
Lack of Coping Skills 


Please Note:

At each clinic visit, our patients are screened for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Based on these scores and their assessment by the practitioner, meeting with our on-site volunteer counselor is a welcomed solution. Each visit is patient-centered based on their needs and situation. Medication can help, however, the optimal treatment plan is in combination with counseling. We have the patient success stories which validate this.

We Do Not Provide Services For The Following:

Birth Control
Work Injuries
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
CDL Physicals

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